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Please don't bother filing any “credit dispute”.   We'd just win it, since you clicked to agree
that we fulfilled your purchase by providing even one license code to you.  But our desire is
to help you better than that.
That's why we built this friendly dispute system, to try and get
you what you want!

If you lost the latest permanent code you got from us, please go back and use the activation
form to request that information, then come back here once you know it... if you still need to.
(If you never got a permanent code / unlock code, don't bother... just leave that space blank).

If you have the info needed below, please enter it so we can help you.

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You would be shocked at how many legitimate emails get wrongly blocked as spam.
Even if we send an immediate answer email to you, sadly you might still never get it.
We want to text you a backup copy of our email to you. Please look up your cell phone
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We respect your trust, and we don't sell or otherwise abuse your contact info. When we're willing to call you, it is because
we feel you deserve faster results than playing "trouble ticket tennis" (vollying emails/support form updates back and forth).
Why stretch ten minute's worth of support into a few weeks by dicing it up into dozens of emails or form updates?
If it takes the same amount of time either way, we think it's just plain rude to make you wait for it piece by piece.

Please give us three business days to respond. Many of us have very full itineraries, and we may even be on tour.
But most responses should be much sooner than that, so you will agree this is the world's friendliest dispute system!

Many public personalities feel as strongly about security as you do, and thus may feel more secure providing support by
calling from unlisted numbers... if you request a call back, please answer all blocked calls until you hear from us.

Please note... even if you requested a call, some issues are better handled via email and action, such as a full refund.
(And if we're out of the country when you write, we'd rather email you than wake you up with an international call.)