OK.  The fact that you are here means that you can't access your license you once got.

We are not greedy for your money... we simply can't afford the kind of staffing it takes
to research everybody's license details if they lose all their licensing information.

That is where you come in, here and now.  We are willing to try to spend up to an hour
searching for your information, if you send us $20 by PayPal as a gift.  We stress the fact
that this is just a donation from you, because we do NOT guarantee results from this.

Although our desire goes much further, we only promise one activation per license order.
Anything and everything beyond that one license is an expression of the generosity that
we have worked so very hard to try to provide to you. 

When all goes well, our "love-gift" of extra activations can in turn help to fill the world
with worship, because that is our primary goal.  The money is good, and we like to put it
to Godly use, but our purpose here is Kingdom works for Christ.

When all does not go well, we are accountable only to God for anything beyond the first
license code given for each original purchase.  That being said, we think we are decent
people, and we wish for your computer to be working right with our software. 
Let's work together on this.  Your clicking the button below agrees to the terms on this page,
sends us $20 bucks and gets the ball rolling so we at least have a chance to try to get your
license situation straightened out for you, if we can rightly do so.

When we get your $20 donation we want to contact you via the email address you use in
PayPal to make your donation, but please be sure to include your telephone number, postal
address and any other backup contact details we may need to succeed in contacting you.

If we find we did something wrong that has led to this need, we may want (at our own sole
discretion) to refund your $20.  Also, if your finances are challenged and you feel it might
make a difference, please feel free to tell us your story. We make no promises, but stranger
things have happened.   In other cases we might feel that every reasonable effort had been
made on our part, whether or not any desired outcome was achieved.

Here is the donation button.
(It is NOT tax-deductible; our ministry comprises a for-prophet business aspect.)