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Hi Folks.

Are you the next great game author?
(The above link is to Stan Bobbitt's excellent interview on this.)

Since the interview, I have found ways to
improve most of the limitations I had mentioned
(The above link is a copy of my recent posing about this.)

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But let's not get ahead of ourselves...  

++ Introduction

You have probably heard by now of the Audio Adventure Engine.
The first mention of it was to test the waters, to see if something
like this would be wanted.  Next came some discussion as to what
features it should or should not include, as well as some questions
about how difficult it would be for a beginner to write a first game.

After much deliberation, I have come up with the format that will
determine how and what things can be done within this system.

Games will be Audio Enhanced Text Adventures, with the option
to include still picture illustrations (like comic books), as well as
the option to create Real-Time three dimensional Action scenes,
where the feedback to the player is Audio, in terms of radar and
flight instruments, as well as stereo panned sound effects.

Still pictures will have text descriptions for the Visually Impaired.
Audio Captioning will be provided for the hearing impaired also.

++ Development Timeline

The complete gaming system is made of a Language, an Engine,
a Wizard and an Explorer/Editor.

Although no specific timing is known for any step along the way,
I have determined that the system will be delivered in four major
releases.  Here is a list of those releases:

+ Language

         A language in which game files are written, the design objective
         being that this language be as close to plain English as possible.
         The language should have several levels of complexity, allowing
         an entry level author to successfully write a game without any
         difficulty, but also providing a smooth and gradual path of
         advancement so that the beginner can become proficient without
         trying very hard.  There should be a document describing and
         explaining this language. The document should start with the simple
         methods, by which an entry level game author may write a first
         game.  Then as one reads further, it should explain more and more
         advanced features until all of the methods have been revealed.

+ Engine

         There should be a Gaming Engine program that can read the game
         files and based upon them, present the player with an interactive
         Audio Adventure.  Although intended primarily as the basis of an
         open source player author community, the Engine should already
         contain the security features that professional game developers will
         need in order to protect and license the fruits of extensive labors.

+ Wizard

         There should be a version of the Engine that contains a wizard that
         can lead beginners through the building of decent games, without
         them ever having to learn the English-like game programming

+ Explorer/Editor

         There should be a version of the game Engine and Wizard that
         contains a game file explorer/editor that can enable players and
         authors to open and adjust game files without having to know very
         much (if anything) about the game file language.

The first of the four releases has been posted.  The document revealing the
game programming language is now done.  As you find the language needs
some extra features and special processing capabilities, you can write files
in the language that provide such things.  Those files would be performed
first when the game is started, in order to put into operation the additional
functionality.  InspiredCode will make web space available for any such
game code library files you would like to create and post.  Credit will of
course be given where it is due.  Everyone will know which ones you  have
written.  This will not be the first time, nor the last, that professionals and
gifted volunteers have worked together to accomplish something worthwhile.
The latest version of the Audio Adventure Engine game file format (language)
will always be posted in its latest update at this location, so you can bookmark
it now and always have it handy.

Now, Finally,

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Thank you.
Robison Bryan

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