Badger Downloading Robot:
(Freeware by InspiredCode)

Having trouble downloading? Have to keep retrying?
Download & run Badger, for an "Overnight-Success"! 

Want to get your own set of download files reliably 
and easily into the hands of your own visitors?

Badger 2.0 is a downloading robot that fetches multiple files 
for you without spying on you or taking over your downloading 
life. It won't even force IE on you.  If you use a different
browser then that's what it'll use. If you care about privacy 
this is a great alternative for doing your downloading.
Badger is simple and non-intrusive. There are download managers
designed to do more, but if you want a simple way to download a 
bunch of files without making heavy changes to your system then 
Badger will do just that.
Please click here to download Badger, save it wherever you
save your downloads, run it (to expand it) and run Setup.Exe.
Then you'll be able to run Badger from your start menu.

You can post Badgerscripts on your own website to distribute 
those multifile packages without disrespecting your webhost, 
since your visitors will actually be seeing more of the site, 
undistracted by retry hassles.
If you'd like to test Badger, it also contains a default script
capability that will download a multiple file software package
if you'd like. (To provide the test mode, I shamelessly chose 
one of my own programs.)
If you are using a proxy you can now adjust the settings.

You can also use Badger from the command line.  Just follow
the command "Badger " with any URL containing links to files 
you want or containing a BadgerScript listing such files.