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Bell Program Comparison Made Simple:

What is the most important thing you should look for in a Church Bell Program?

Is it some "bleeding edge" slick new user interface that sports the latest advances in computer science? Hardly. The last thing you'd want to trust would be the latest untested technology. Do you really think it's wise to get software that depends upon your installing the very latest patches to your computer, or would you rather have something that utilizes the most basic and rudimentary Operating System features that have stood the test of time for over a decade? The big question is still this: What is the most important thing to look for?

It's easy when you think about it... How much of your life will you spend programing the Bells Schedule? How much of your life will you spend hearing the bells music that it plays? See? The very most important thing about something that plays music is the music itself. Does it sound dark and gloomy, ominous or strangely clashing and discordant? Or does it sound beautiful, impossibly harmonious and pleasing to the most discriminating ear?

Obviously, InspiredCode wins on that count. When you download our ChurchBells software and try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised that bell harmony could ever sound this good.

What is the Second most important thing to look for in a Church Bell Program?

Can we get real here, for a minute? Your church has so many things to do with its missions budget. The less you spend on bells, the more good you can do in other areas of fulfilling the Great Commission. InspiredCode charges only $140 for its ChurchBells software. And the entire General Hymn Collection (over 3000 hymns and carols on bells just for InspiredCode's ChurchBells) is only $555, and has often been available for much less. This is an insane savings. We don't worship money... but that's the whole point; we should invest our money wisely to honor our Savior whom we DO worship. Get the most out of your missions budget, while pleasing the neighbors (and yourself) with this beautiful bell music that only InspiredCode has!

It's time to try it out (for free), then you can make the right decision based upon these two most important criteria. Click the link at the top and try out ChurchBells today.