Try Out (for free) a Beautiful Sounding $140 Bell Tower... (click here)  

Why Bell Software?

How many of these reasons apply to you?

1. Your old tape based Carillon System has seen better days (all worn out).
2. Your solid state Carillon System got zapped by power lines in bad weather.
3. Your computer based Carillon System got zapped by power lines in bad weather.
4. The computer in your old Carillon System is on its last legs and needs replaced.
5. The Solid State Carillon Company wants to charge TOO MUCH to repair or replace!
6. The computer based Carillon Company wants to charge TOO MUCH to repair or replace!

The list goes on...  How about this as an alternative:

You click the link at the top of this page, and download our “ChurchBells” bell software. You listen to (and are amazed by) the most beautiful bell sounds you have heard (the proof is in the hearing). You get a license for $140, and apply that purchase to your main Bell Tower Computer, a Spare to Keep in your closet, and a Home or Office Computer where you can work out schedules and try out bell tunes without bothering your neighbors. You copy your custom schedule from your Home or Office Computer via memory stick, and everyone in the town is thrilled to hear the bells again, and sounding more beautiful than ever!

God Forbid, disaster strikes... yes, a massive lightning strike nearby hammers the power lines, killing dozens of neighborhood computers. What now?

Simple. Swap out the spare. Copy your last custom schedule from the memory stick into the spare, and hook it up. That's practically no down time at all! Then you activate a new spare to keep in the closet.

You can't get this kind of convenience, savings and “mission reliability” from other bell companies.  Why?

This is for us a ministry, first and foremost. Yes, the “Ox is unmuzzled” (see 1CO9:9 and 1TM5:18), but more importantly, we have an outreach of hymns and carols on lovely bells to remind people to “Think on these things” (see PHP4:8).

Yes, we are Christians doing in good conscience what we know how to do, to help you to fulfill the Great Commission in your neighborhood. (See our main web page for more outreach ideas). Whether you are looking to replace an old bell tower fallen from service, or you are looking to create a new bell tower, you have certainly come to the right place. You owe it to yourself (and your missions budget) to click the link at the top, to at least download and listen to our ChurchBells software.

The measure of a good bell program is not fancy features in the user interface... the measure of a good church bells program package is the music itself. You won't spend much time scheduling it, but you will enjoy listening to it for years to come, every day. What are you willing to hear every day? Our bell music is the most beautiful. Try it out. Listen to it. You will agree.