presents yet another
Page of Audio and Accessible Gaming Links :
             (in semi-random order)

Portals and Libraries:

All Free Things - Free Stuff Directory
A searchable directory including games, screensavers,
Wav and MIDI files, graphics, webmaster resources, and more.

NOTE: this site has many things for non VIP, yet if you ever
want to make a website or your own games, it's indispensible!


Audio Games dot Net
Community Portal for all accessible gaming

Game Audio Network Guild
Community for all kinds of Interactive Audio

Audyssey Magazine
Dude, if you don't already know what it is, then
ignore the rest of my site and Go There Now!

Home Page of BlindProgramming Group

GamaSutra: The Art and Science of Making Games
(for game developers, not just accessible ones)

Interactive Audio Special Interest Group
(a group for audio developers nd composers)

Games Room of the UK Audio Network,
the website designed for blind and partially sighted people

Sites with Accessible Games:
Home of Drive, Curb Game and other delights.
Online portal where three Sound Designers present
their thoughts and projects on audio and sound.

James North's ESP Softworks: Home of
Monkey Business, Alien Outback, Raceway, Pinball and more

Justin Daubenmire's BSCGames: Accessible Games such as
Hunter, Troupanum, Pipe and more

Justin Daubenmire's BlindSoftware
Accessible shareware, freeware, and demo software downloads

The Tactile Interactive Multimedia Project:
Computer games for visually impaired children

Web page of Graham Pearce, home of Super Simon,
as well as a formidable collection of GWBasic Games

Latest News from BPC Programs

Daniel Zingaro Games for Blazie Note Taker

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
Termite Torpedo Game and other programs

Ark Angles: The KChess Range
Fully Accessible Chess Games

Bavisoft: Software for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Home of Grizzly Gulch

J Squared accessible gaming superstore

Code Factory:  Games Especially for Blind Users
Good clean fun for all ages

Joshua's Random Page
Home of the Famous Harry Potter IF game

DisQuiet Audio Games

Fantasy Storm, home of the Savage Gamut
Please don't feed the dragon...

Games for the Blind:  Accessible Games
Now have self voicing games as well

Layered-Audio enhanced Text Adventure Games
GMA Games:  Home of the famous SOD
(Shades Of Doom), Lone Wolf, Trek2000
and Tank Commander

Interactive Fiction Archive
Huge Library of Interactive Fiction

The Best of Interactive Fiction
A choice collection of IF Games

4BlindMice, the singing talking VI mouse driver
Metris, accessible Musical Tetris
ChurchBells, BellTower for steeple or desktop

InspiredCode's Audio Adventure Engine Project
Are you the next great game author?

Jim Kitchen's freeware accessible Games
Yes, Free! I'll be here when you get back.

LiamWorks: Home of SuperShot
and other accessible games by the infamous DJ.
Creator of SuperLiam (accessible 2D side-scroller)
(lost in a hard drive crash, hopefully not for long).

PCS Games: Games that tickle your ears!
Home of PacMan Talks and thirty DOS games

Michael Whapples' Moral Mike web site.
a free Windows Othello game.

Sonokids: totally accessible games and remixers
for kids of all ages and abilities

Terraformers, Realtime 3D game with two interfaces:
One Graphic and one Audio  for VI users.

The Blind Eye:  A Game for the Blind and the Seeing;
Navigate 3D-soundscapes on a ordinary PC

Zform: Games with Vision
Games for the blind, games for the sighted, games for everyone!