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Home Group Overhead
Real-Time Lyrics Teleprompter

( Tested on 98, 2k, Me, Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Home Group Overhead
for your Home, for your Home Group, for your Church

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For HGO's Instructions, please see:  Instructions.htm
For the HGO EULA, please see:  EULA.htm


Great for Personal and Family Devotions!
Great for worship in Home Group!

Real-Time Display of Lyrics in time to CD or sound files.

   Play DJ with your favorite worship Albums.
Everyone can see the words, with or without a projector.
   Single-Line mode shows one line at a time really big on the screen.

Great for Church Services!

    Live-mode Display of Lyrics for groups of all sizes.
       Block mode shows one verse or chorus at a time for projector.
    Easy Control of Display during worship.
       Dual-Monitor mode for overview and "One-Click" jumps into any line or verse.
       Quick KeyStrokes for common tasks, including:
            Advancing to next/previous song in song list

            Advancing to next/previous line or verse in song
            Quick jumps into a certain verse or chorus.
    "Never-Late" lyrics on time, every time!
       No more guessing the first line of each verse while you sing.

Multimedia feast for a truly immersive worship experience!

    Movie loops and spectacular pictures behind high visibility words.
       Comes with several movie loops already.
       Comes with many spectacular still pictures already.
       Words are enhanced by high-contrast outlines for high visibility,
            no matter what background images you may use

Plus many more convenient and powerful features too numerous to mention.


Click here to Download Home Group Overhead

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HGO knows the words to many classic, well loved
Worship Albums already in use in Home Groups throughout the world.
Here are some Albums Home Group Overhead already knows:
        (The Albums listed below belong to their respective publishers.
              You can order any of them by following the links.)

Change My Heart, Oh God (Vineyard, 25 song Double Album set)
Refiner's Fire (Vineyard, 25 song Double Album set)
The River is Here (Vineyard, 25 song Double Album set)
Come, now is the time to worship (Vineyard, 25 song Double Album set)

And some great Single Albums:
Just Like Heaven (Vineyard, Spring 2003 release)
You and You Alone (Vineyard)

If You say go (Vineyard)


Basic "CD" usage is simple:
1. Download, Install and run HGO.
2. To try a CD, put it in and click on "Try This CD".
3. If you don't have one of the CDs HGO knows, click on Help
     and try the "Demo Button" to see HGO play a demo song.
     (After that you'll probably want to order a CD or two).


Live Worship usage is easy too:
1. Download, Install and run HGO.
2. Use the "Studio" menu to make your own songlists
    (you can even make your own song slides, too). 
    You can tell it what verses you'll sing, right in the
3. Come worship time, just run the song list.  Move
    between songs using the easy "CD Control" buttons.
4. Changing slides is beyond simple: as soon as you're
    starting to sing the last word on the screen, (anyone
    can) hit the "next" key for the next part of the song. 


And if you like Hymns, HGO knows the words to over 300 of them.
Plus, we have a Karaoke-Style Orchestral Hymnal for HGO.


(And now for a very exciting legal disclaimer...)
NOTE: Customer warrants that he will not make unauthorized copies of
PowerPack Lyrics, will not sell, resell, rent, lease, lend, nor share them
in any way other than using the program to publicly display lyrics within
registered PowerPack(s).