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              "Activate" means putting in a code that you bought.
               If you already paid, you need to "activate".
               To do that, go here.
              (And if you did not pay yet, please continue below...)

Registering a ChurchBells Installation:
To use ChurchBells for longer than 30 days you need to pay for a license.

There are two license levels: Home and Organization.   There are minor
differences between the two.  A home license is for your own private use.

An organization license, in addition to allowing public use, lets you easily
create custom chiming schedules via a user friendly interface.

Please choose one of the two license levels and
click one of the buttons below:

Your clicking an "I agree" button (a button below) comprises your digital
signature whereby you agree to the terms on this
page (scroll down),
and agree to the ChurchBells EULA (End User License
 aka License Agreement) that comes with the
ChurchBells program.

PLEASE NOTE:  PayPal DOES take credit card orders. 

ChurchBells Organization License
for $140
(ALLOWS Custom Scheduling and Public Playing)

   <=  To order through PayPal

ChurchBells Home License for $35
(Does NOT allow Custom Scheduling or Public Playing)

   <=  To order through PayPal

UPGRADE to Organization License for $105
Only use the UPGRADE if you already got the Home License
and want to convert it to the full Organization Level License.  If
you order the upgrade without having first ordered the ChurchBells
Home License you will receive nothing until you also order the
ChurchBells Home License.

   <=  To order through PayPal

All sales are final.  No refunds.  Our only obligation is to provide
one license code for each license purchase made, but our desire
goes much further.  On a voluntary basis we have been trying to
fulfill every reasonable re-activation request, but no claim can be
made against InspiredCode for any failed or non-attempted license

We DO desire to see you succeed in filling the world with good
things.  Therefore, if you have problems getting a license fulfilled
or re-activated, please let us know!!!  We have worked very hard
to provide a web interface that you may use to re-activate your
license, while preventing pirate activities.  If it fails to provide the
kind of service you deserve please let us know so we might make
it better.