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We are respecting the Music Lyrics and giving them the same level of  protection due any
other form of intellectual property.  Therefore, they are being licensed in a secure manner.

Your $15 payment covers about 3 or more CDs worth of lyrics.  This PowerPack works
with the following albums:

Just Like Heaven (Vineyard, Spring 2003 release) .
Come, now is the time to worship (Vineyard, 25 song double CD set)

Paying for the PowerPack unlocks functionality that would work with all of these CDs.

You can order any of the above albums (directly from their vendors, not InspiredCode)
by clicking on their links.  I do not sell those records, but I heartily endorse them!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

        PLEASE NOTE:  PayPal DOES take credit card orders. 

IMPORTANT:  Home Bible Study is neither public nor private.  To use the lyrics in a
non-private setting such as Home Group (or house church), you must license them by
clicking below. 

To use them in public, such as in a public church, you must additionally have a CCLI
license, or make arrangements directly with the publisher of those lyrics.

Also please note: Licensing a PowerPack is not the same thing as licensing the HGO
program itself.  If you license a PowerPack, you still need to keep HGO working for
longer than its demo period by licensing HGO itself.  And licensing HGO itself does
not automatically license any PowerPacks.

In order to license PowerPack1 lyrics for non-private display,
please click below to agree with the terms on this page
and with the HGO EULA below

 and proceed to checkout with your licensing order:

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Here is the HGO EULA that you must agree
with in order to place your order (scroll down):


o   End User License Agreement (EULA) pertaining to
    the InspiredCode product whose program name is:

    Home Group Overhead
o   Introduction.

    We desire a reputation for excellent quality, service and
    overall customer satisfaction.  Even as you read this
    agreement and see the things that we do and do not promise,
    we encourage you to observe our behavior and judge for your
    own satisfaction how well we achieve these high goals.
    It should be obvious that our best interest is fulfilled
    by providing you the best overall experience possible.

    If the terms or concepts in this agreement are not familiar
    or if English is not your main language then you should have
    a qualified translator or legal counsel explain it to you or
    translate it to you before you agree to it's terms.

    If you do not understand this agreement, or if you do not agree
    to its terms, then you may not use this software product.

    If you do not understand this agreement, or if you do not agree
    to its terms, then you may not use this software product.  At
    the bottom (end) of this agreement is a statement that
    identifies the end of this agreement.  If you do not or can
    not read the entire agreement then you may not use this
    software product.

o   This is an agreement.
    This End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement
    made between the "software owner" and "you" (meaning both
    "you" as an individual person and "you" as any entity, group
    or organization on behalf of whom you are entering into this
    agreement).  The "software owner" is defined as "InspiredCode"
    also known as "" and also known as Robison
    Bryan (who first registered the domain   
    The role and rights of "software owner" shall be inherited
    by Robison Bryan's inheritor, assign or successor.  Among such
    rights inherited thereby are all obligations of others toward
    the "software owner" under this agreement.  Other terms for
    the "software owner" in this agreement are "software rights
    owner", "we", "us" and "I".  InspiredCode is also a trademark
    held by Robison Bryan for this area of business.  In the event
    that Robison Bryan incorporates this DBA business into a
    corporation (or has already done so) then InspiredCode shall
    refer to such corporation.

    Any mention of "InspiredCode site", "our site" or "our web
    site" shall refer to ay portion or totality of any web site
    or domain registered to, owned and or operated by us.

    Anyone who uses this software product has entered into this
    agreement by doing so (see below).  Anyone who installs this
    software product for anyone or gives them an installed version
    of it without telling them about this agreement is fencing
    stolen property, because usage of it is forbidden outside of
    this EULA.  Whether or not it can be proven that you have the
    authority to enter into this EULA on behalf of any entity, by
    entering into this EULA you are doing so at least for yourself
    as an individual.  Any entity claiming not to be represented
    by one who has entered into this EULA is forbidden from using
    this software product.

    This agreement supersedes any prior version thereof.  Any rights,
    privileges or considerations previously thought or construed to
    be held by you (licensee) under any previous version of this
    agreement are null and void unless specifically upheld within
    this version.  Any obligations or duties to which you agreed
    under any previous version still stand unless specifically
    modified or canceled herein.
    This agreement shall be under the jurisdiction of the State of
    California, USA. This agreement shall be construed, interpreted
    and applied in accordance with the internal laws of said
    jurisdiction, excluding any of said jurisdiction's body of law
    controlling "conflict of law".  If any clause or statement
    herein is not allowed by said jurisdiction then the rest of this
    agreement shall remain intact in such way as to preserve the
    rights of the software owner to the fullest extent possible.

    If in any particular circumstance the fullest extent of any
    clause in this agreement is in any way disallowed or mitigated
    by court action of said jurisdiction then for all remaining
    circumstances said clause shall stand to the fullest extent
    allowed by said jurisdiction.

    Any paragraph labels, links and or tags herein are merely for ease
    of locating and do not limit the scope of any statements or terms.
    If in certain places it is specified that paragraph headers shall
    impart special meaning then the impartation of special meaning by
    paragraph headers shall be limited to those places specified, and
    no other paragraph headers shall be considered to impart special

o   Using.
    The terms "software product" and "shareware distribution"
    are defined in the paragraph below.  "Using" of this software
    product shall be defined herein as gaining, making or causing
    to be made any use of or access to any or all of the files,
    resources, program(s) and items extracted from the shareware
    distribution of this software product.  Copying or sharing
    of the shareware distribution in and of itself shall not be
    considered an act of using the software product (except in
    the cases listed below regarding limitations to shareware
    distribution rights).

o   Software Product.  Shareware Distribution.
    The term "software product" is defined as any and all [files,
    resources, materials, texts, images, movies, scripts, tools,
    programs and or items accompanying, comprised by and or
    pertaining to the program (HGO, aka Home Group Overhead)]
    that are distributed by (and or on behalf of) InspiredCode, as
    well as anything and everything packaged or stored within the
    "shareware distribution" of said program.  The term
    "shareware distribution" is defined as the primary installation
    file or file set distributed by or on behalf of InspiredCode that
    installs any working copy of the HGO program (as it appears
    or has appeared on the InspiredCode site.)

o   Limitations to shareware distribution rights.
    The permission to distribute the "shareware distribution"
    is further limited by the following terms.  The "shareware
    distribution" may not be compiled with, packaged with,
    compressed with, archived with or combined with any other
    package, archive or medium except as explicitly allowed
    elsewhere in this agreement.  Furthermore, any shareware
    distribution distributed must be no more than two months
    older than the version posted on the InspiredCode site; or
    in the case of pressed (stamped as opposed to "burned")
    optical discs, no more than two months older than the
    version posted on the InspiredCode site at the time of the
    creation of its original disc master (such as glass master).

o   Additional Resources.
    Any additional resource distributed by or on behalf of
    InspiredCode as pertaining to said program that is not
    contained within said shareware distribution shall be
    nonetheless considered as a part of the "software product",
    and any use thereof is also bound by the terms of this EULA.
    This package may be distributed bundled with certain materials
    that are public domain, Creative Commons and or GNU.  The
    presence of such materials is provided for your convenience,
    so that you would not be required to search for them.  Any
    and all such materials are properly identified as such within the
    documentation of the software product.  In proper accord with
    the license requirements of such, you may copy such materials
    to a safe place prior to deleting this software product.  Your
    retaining such does not constitute continued use of this product,
    since their presence is offered for free as being bundled with
    and useful with but not actually a part of this product.  But
    you need to be careful, for anything not Creative Commons,
    GNU or Public Domain must be deleted in any circumstance in
    which the software product is to be deleted.

    Furthermore, any materials distributed in packages whose
    licensing or other data references the Home Group Overhead
    program shall also be subject to the Home Group Overhead
    End User License Agreement.  Whether or not the packager is
    or was a licensee, you agree to hold us blameless regarding
    any said materials, additional resources, files, packages and
    or commodities related to HGO or InspiredCode, whether by
    reference, by valid license or even by revoked license.

    A Studio Level Licensee might be invited to register (at no
    additional cost) to obtain a unique Studio ID Number.
    Packages published under that Studio ID# bear a prefix of
    "ID#ABCD-" where ABCD is the ID#.  You agree that
    creating packages for use with HGO whose names begin with
    this format constitutes unauthorized ID# use unless you are
    the licensee of the ID# thereof or have prior written permission
    from the licensee of the ID# thereof.

    You agree that unauthorized ID# use is a form of malicious
    hacking, defamation of character and or cyber-terrorism.

    You agree to hold us blameless with regard to any activities
    of hackers or counterfeiters of our software, our web site, our
    products, services, resources and or anything pertaining thereto.

o   Legal Warning.
    Any use of this software product that is outside of this EULA
    or in violation of the terms thereof is subject to diligent
    prosecution through any means necessary or otherwise including
    but not limited to one or more witnesses, the local church
    or denominational leadership, any number of civil and or
    criminal cases before secular court of law, mass media
    distributions and or television tabloids.  Such prosecution
    may also include customs seizure, federal prosecution for
    cyber-terrorism, civil punitive damages and or international
    sanctions, extradition and prosecution, depending upon the
    nature and scope of such crimes and or violations.    

o   You Agree to be bound by these terms.
    By installing, extracting, using and or otherwise accessing
    any of this software product you are thereby agreeing to all
    of these terms.  Such action shall comprise your digital
    signature as of the date thereof, whereby you voluntarily
    and of your own free will enter into this EULA (End User
    License Agreement) and agree to be bound by all of its terms.
    If you do not agree to be bound by all of the terms of this
    EULA, you may not use or install any portion or totality of
    this software product.  If you do not agree to be bound by
    the terms of this EULA and if you have extracted from any
    archive or downloaded any of the resources belonging to this
    software product, you must delete each and every such
    extraction and or download, leaving in existence only such
    complete unopened archives as are defined as the "Shareware
    Distribution" according to the preceding paragraph.  Other terms
    and or clarifications of terms may seem necessary to us as time
    goes on.  You agree to be bound both by this version of the
    HGO EULA and by its latest version posted at each future
    time on the InspiredCode site.  If any latest version does not
    specifically grant you permissions, rights or privileges then such
    permissions, rights or privileges shall be considered revoked.
    No understanding, misunderstanding, loophole or misconstruing
    of terms that would seem to indicate otherwise shall stand.
    Definitions of terms and conditions shall be according to the
    latest version.  To comply with this requirement, you agree to
    check for a latest version any time you do something regarding
    HGO that may have legal ramifications including but not limited
    to creating, posting and or distributing HGO compatible materials.

o   Strictly As Is.
    This software product is licensed AS IS. No warrantee is made,
    and no promises are made.  You are entirely responsible for
    its use, usefulness and or suitability for any purpose for
    which you think it might be used.  Furthermore, you alone will
    bear the responsibility for any damages or inconveniences
    resulting from the use or misuse of this software.  You
    absolutely absolve and release the software product's author
    and or distributor and the software rights owner from any and
    all responsibility, accountability, culpability and or liability
    pertaining to any and or all use, misuse and or access to this
    software product, (or any lack thereof), taking upon yourself
    any and all such blame and or legal responsibility for your
    use and or misuse thereof, even if the software product's author
    and or distributor and or software rights owner has been advised
    of the existence or possibility of such problems.

    You also give permission for any changes to your system to be
    made including but not limited to installing any missing codecs,
    adjusting screen saver and power timeout properties and placing
    media files onto your hard drive.
    You acknowledge that we do not promise any technical support
    whatsoever, and that any help or support we may happen to give
    is strictly at our own sole discretion.  You also acknowledge that
    any individuals you may happen to encounter on our HGOUsers
    forum do not necessarily represent us in any way.  You agree
    that any and all help you may or may not get from us or anyone
    else is AS-IS, and either to heed or ignore such is done strictly
    at your own risk.

    Under no circumstances shall any documentation, helps, functional
    description, advertisement, instruction or mention of features be
    construed to state, imply, indicate or convey any assurance,
    promise or guarantee of any particular functionality, fitness or
    suitability of the software product.  You are already bound by
    this agreement if you are using this product, but you are advised
    nonetheless to evaluate its relevance to your needs or interests     
    before making any purchase.

    Except as specifically ordered by court of said jurisdiction,
    no conjecture, future expectation or expression of any desire,
    hope, want, wish or other such attitude or feeling communicated
    by us be construed to indicate any form of promise, assurance or
    obligation on our part, whether communicated herein, on our web
    site, emails, documentation, advertising or any other form of
    communication from us.

    You assume ALL risk associated with operating this program.
    This program may give users access to ShareWareMusic media
    or other archives, encrypted or not.  You assume all risk involved
    in offering access to or in seeking access to such materials.  You
    hold us entirely blameless, even if your copy of an album does
    not play after you paid for it, and even if your album or StudioID
    gets hacked by the public.  You also hold HGO Studio license
    users blameless for any loss of access to their media, provided they
    have exercised all foreseeable and reasonable due diligence to
    prevent any such loss on your part.  You assume any and all
    remaining risk and legal responsibility related to any package
    you make for use with HGO, even if HGO malfunctions, even if we
    have been notified regarding such.

    Therefore you are encouraged to obtain a contract with your
    copyright holders that provides indemnity (holds you blameless)
    when you exercise all foreseeable and reasonable due diligence to
    prevent any such loss.  Any Digital Rights Management, licensing,
    activation and or any other aspects of features or services related
    to your handling of media or rights thereof are offered strictly
    AS-IS.  It is your own responsibility to secure legal counsel to
    advise you with respect to your own obligations and liabilities.

    We disavow, disclaim and totally reject any responsibility,
    accountability or liability for any actions (or lack thereof),
    claims or representations of others (especially including but not
    limited to any or all entities who may use our products, services,
    resources and or software, or anything else either directly or
    indirectly pertaining to, related to or associated with us.
    Anything you do (or don't do) relating to any or all of the above
    is strictly and solely at your own risk.  You agree to indemnify
    and hold us blameless in regard to any or all of the above.

    If any data in your PC is lost or damaged due to any technical
    reasons (including but not limited to system glitches, improper
    installation procedures or incompatibilities of any type) as a
    result of installing this Software package, then you hold us
    blameless and accept all risks of data loss or damage when
    arising from using the Software package on any PC.  

    We use third party e-commerce providers to collect credit card
    payments.  That way we manage to avoid being exposed to
    certain key pieces of your most sensitive personal information.
    But those e-commerce providers do transmit other purchase
    related information to us.  Furthermore, you may also submit
    personal information on our site, which may be further processed
    and retransmitted through our system in the course of serving
    you and protecting our assets.  Although in our opinion we have
    implemented reasonable efforts fo inhibit unauthorized access
    to your personal information, you agree to indemnify us and
    hold us blameless regarding any of your information that may
    be accessed by hacking, accident, natural or unnatural disaster
    or any other circumstance, action or event.  You agree not to
    submit any information to our web site that could even remotely
    possibly result in any damages or danger or risk to you if such
    information were compromised.  You agree to hold us blameless
    for any unauthorized, illicit, abusive and or illegal use or
    misuse of any of your personal information.
    Except as stated explicitly therein, any similarity between any
    characters or situations within any hypothetical example or
    narrative and any actual person, living or dead, is strictly
    coincidental and shall not be construed as any real reference.

o   Respect All Intellectual Property Rights.
    As any powerful tool can be used for good or evil, it is your
    own responsibility how you use this software product.  You do
    agree that you will not use this software product to break the
    law or to violate any intellectual property rights, and if you
    do so you are in violation of this EULA, and any such offenses
    would be your own doing and not any aspect of the intended or
    recommended usage of this software product.  Intellectual
    property rights include but are not limited to copyright,
    trademark rights and or patent rights.
    InspiredCode is a registered trademark and as such is an
    intellectual property asset.  By making reference to HGO or
    any other InspiredCode product in any way that violates this
    agreement, creates a defamation of character by association
    or creates any potentially harmful confusion regarding the
    trade pertaining to the trademark shall be considered as a
    malicious abuse of intellectual property and shall be subject
    to any punitive damages that the court may allow.

    A creator of a package ("package creator") may or may not
    utilize (within the songlist directory of said package) a file
    called "provenance.txt" to provide  "provenance information"
    (source and derivation of any media files distributed within
    said package).  With regard to media files used by us in HGO,
    we provide "provenance information" within our HGO user
    manual (instructions.htm).   Prior to making any DMCA
    complaint, claim or other action against us or any other media
    package creator (or distributor) you agree to check for such
    "provenance information", to research (to the fullest extent
    available to you) the sources and or validity of any and all
    claims therein of origins, derivations and or ownership of
    works, and to provide full disclosure (to said package creator)
    of all results of such research, and to subsequently discuss (by
    email and or in person) said results with said package creator
    to the fullest extent allowed by said package creator within a
    reasonable period of time following said disclosure.  This
    requirement shall not be construed as to mitigate, obviate,
    lessen, bypass, preclude or replace any other requirement
    herein.  Said reasonable time shall be determined according
    to the schedules of you and the package creator, and shall in
    no way be shorter than a time of ample opportunity for said
    package creator to consult qualified legal counsel and then
    respond by email or registered mail to your initial written
    comunication pertaining thereto, and for you to receive such
    response, evaluate it with your own legal counsel and reply
    to said package creator.  You agree to assume until proven
    otherwise that said package creator will comply with all valid
    copyright notifications based upon claims that are proven to
    within reasonable doubt.  You agree to accept as your sole
    remedy (for non-malicious infringement) the removal of
    your protected intellectual property from any and all copies
    of any package under said package owner's  control, as well
    as a good faith attempt to notify others of the infringing state
    of obsolete versions thereof.  You agree to exhaust all
    methods in this paragraph before resorting to methods below.

o   DMCA.

    InspiredCode allows certain users to encapsulate digital content
    into packages and to post and or distribute such digital content
    (and directly or indirectly related materials) via on-line means
    of direct and or peer accelerated or facilitated data transfer.

    Like any on-line provider, InspiredCode is able to select and or
    selectively accept users who shall be able to post or transmit
    content, and like any on-line provider, InspiredCode grants
    access to certain users to post or transmit digital content
    through automated transactions beyond the direct and immediate
    control of InspiredCode.
    Due to these facts, InspiredCode is an Online Service Provider
    under Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C.
    Section 512 (“DMCA”).

    Therefore or furthermore, under any circumstance in which or to
    any extent to which any body of operability or functionality
    embodied by any [websites, accelerated or distributed download
    networks, software, services, resources and or systems] over which
    InspiredCode has primary control is or could be construed as
    being utilized by or at the behest of anyone else (other than
    InspiredCode) to provide access to any communication, media, data
    and or any other digital content, and insofar as said access
    may be construed as being facilitated by, enabled by, expedited
    by or otherwise causally related to any on-line activity, in said
    circumstance or to said extent, and with regard to said access,
    said body of operability or functionality shall be considered to
    be an on-line service (with InspiredCode being on-line service
    provider thereof or pertaining thereto) under section 512(a) of
    the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

    It is our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement
    compliant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and
    other applicable intellectual property laws. Responses may include
    removal of on-line material, sending alleged infringement warnings
    or cease and desist notices to alleged infringers, banning said
    alleged infringers, revoking a user's privilege to create and or
    distribute HGO related materials and or implementing electronic
    countermeasures to restrict, inhibit or disable propagation of
    allegedly infringing materials or any set or totality of materials
    produced by users producing said allegedly infringing materials.

    If we take such measures, we will make a good-faith attempt to
    contact the user who created, posted, distributed and or sent the
    allegedly infringing content so that he or she may make a counter
    notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the DMCA.
    It is our policy to document all notices of alleged infringement
    that we receive. As with all legal notices, a copy of the notice
    may be sent to one or more third parties who may make it
    available to the public.
o   DMCA Infringement Notification
    If you are a copyright owner or an authorized agent thereof and
    believe that any user of the HGO application (and or any other
    resource, service or network controlled by InspiredCode) has
    infringed upon your copyrights, you may submit a DMCA compliant
    notification by filing a notice of infringement with our DMCA
    Agent. To do so you must provide a written communication (by
    postal mail or e-mail) that sets forth the items specified below.

    You agree that you will be liable for damages (including costs
    and attorneys' fees) if you materially misrepresent that a product
    or activity is infringing your copyrights.

    Accordingly, if you are not sure whether material available online
    infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact an
    attorney. To expedite our ability to process your request, please
    use the following format (including section numbers):

    1. Identify in sufficient detail the copyrighted work that you
       believe has been infringed upon.
    2. Identify the material that you claim is infringing the
       copyrighted work listed in item #1 above or which you claim is
       the subject of infringing activity. You must identify each
       separate item of infringing material.
    3. Provide information reasonably sufficient to permit and or
       enable InspiredCode to locate the material.
    4. Provide information reasonably sufficient to permit and or
       enable InspiredCode to contact you (email address, phone number
       and mailing address).
    5. Provide information, if possible, sufficient to permit and or
       enable InspiredCode to notify the user that allegedly compiled,
       formatted, posted, sent or transmitted infringing material
       (A StudioID is ideal, an email address otherwise preferred.)
    6. Include the following statement: "I have a good faith belief
       that use of the copyrighted materials in the manner complained
       of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or
       the law."
    7. Include the following statement: "I swear, under penalty of
       perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate
       and that I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on
       behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly
    8. Sign the paper.
    9. Send the written communication to the following address:

      Attn: DMCA Agent
      10001 N. McLennan Ave.
      North Hills, CA

      OR email to:

      OR email to:
      with the words "DMCA Complaint" in the subject line

      You hereby acknowledge that if you fail to comply with all of
      the requirements set forth above, your DMCA notice may not be
      valid.  InspiredCode may or may not respond to any invalid DMCA
      notices at our sole discretion.

o   DMCA Counter Notification
    Pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and (3) of the Act, the user may
    make a counter notification. To file a counter notification with
    us, you must provide a written communication (by postal mail or
    or email) that sets forth the items specified below. Please note
    that you will be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys'
    fees) if you materially misrepresent that a product or activity
    is not infringing the copyrights of others. Accordingly, if you
    are not sure whether certain material infringes the copyrights
    of others, we suggest that you first contact an attorney.

    A sample DMCA compliant counter notification may be found at:
    To expedite our ability to process your counter notification,
    please use the following format (including section numbers):

    1. Identify the name of the file(s) comprising content to which
       InspiredCode has blocked by inhibiting, disabling or
       blocking propagation, usage, access and or transmission.
    2. Provide your name, address, telephone number, email address,
       and a statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of
       Federal District Court for the judicial district in which your
       address is located (or California, USA if your address is
       outside of the United States), and that you will accept
       service of process from the person who provided notification
       under subsection (c)(1)(C) of the DMCA or an agent of such
    3. Include the following statement: "I swear, under penalty of
       perjury, that I have a good faith belief that the inhibition,
       disabling or blocking of propagation, usage, access and or
       transmission of each of said file(s) identified above as
       having been blocked."
    4. Sign the paper.
    5. Send the written communication to the following address:

      Attn: DMCA Agent
      10001 N. McLennan Ave.
      North Hills, CA

      OR email to:
      with the words "DMCA Counter Notification" in the subject line

    Upon receipt of a valid claim InspiredCode will follow the
    procedures provided in the DMCA which prescribe a notice and
    take down procedure, subject to the user’s or webmaster’s right
    to submit a Counter-Notification claiming lawful use of the
    disabled works. InspiredCode will have the disputed material
    removed from public download access to the fullest extent of its
    control to do so.

    The promptness with which InspiredCode shall perform any task of
    disabling shall be commensurate with the reasonable processing
    and delay time for the means employed to receive and validate a
    DMCA compliant notification and to block access to allegedly
    infringing content.

    InspiredCode will also notify the user who compiled, posted, sent
    and or transmitted the allegedly infringing material that has
    been removed or has had access thereto disabled.

    The promptness with which InspiredCode shall perform any task of
    responding to any DMCA Counter Notification shall be commensurate
    with the reasonable processing and delay time for the means
    employed to receive and validate a DMCA Counter Notification and
    for the means necessary to perform any tasks related thereto as
    prescribed by DMCA.

    Please note that under Section 512(f) of the Copyright Act, any
    person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or
    activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification
    may be subject to liability. Please also be advised that we enforce
    a policy that provides for the termination in appropriate
    circumstances of users who are repeat infringers. Furthermore, we
    reserve the right to take additional actions not required by the
    DMCA as relating to efforts to curb intellectual property abuse.

o   Voluntary Usage of DMCA Mechanisms.
    Since InspiredCode also creates, compiles, prepares, posts sends,
    communicates and or transmits its own content that may or may not
    be on the behalf or behest of any entity other than InspiredCode,
    and because the "provenance" (history of authorship and rights) of
    works are believed to be as represented by sources who have made
    said works available to or accessible to InspiredCode, there is a
    possibility, however remote, that InspiredCode could in good faith
    utilize a work while having been falsely given to believe that it has
    a right to do so.











o   Patents.
    An attempt has been made to provide patent-free mechanisms
    for media playback, as well as for other aspects.  This software
    does not guarantee that you will not infringe any patents.  You agree
    that you hereby take upon yourself any and all patent related risks
    pertaining to or associated with the download, copying, receipt,
    sharing, distribution, installation, usage and or licensing of this
    software (to you, for you and or by you), as well as any and all risks
    associated with performing or causing it to perform any patented or
    protectable methods.  Usage of this software product does not
    grant permission to infringe any patents held by or pending for
    InspiredCode (or Robison Bryan); and usage of certain of HGO's
    methods by any other software than HGO may result in legal action.

o   All Sales Are Final.
    All sales are final.  This program is designed to offer a demo
    period.  Even during such demo period this EULA is already in
    effect.  Even if you don't manage to evaluate the software product
    and or its relevance to your intended use, all license sales are
    still final. If the demo period does not work as intended, all
    license sales are still final.  If any refund were to ever be
    given, it would be exactly that: a gift; any such generosity
    would be solely at the discretion of the software owner.  You
    should consider this before ordering any license.  Even in the
    unlikely event that any failure on the part of software product,
    its licensing mechanism, it author, distributor and or software
    rights owner were to deny a first deployment on one machine, the
    sole remedy thereof is the licensing operation(s) necessary to
    accomplish a deployment on one machine, which may or may not
    require you to use a different machine at the discretion and
    advice of the software product's author, distributor and or the
    software rights owner.  At our sole discretion (not yours) we
    may decide to refund your license money rather than try to
    fulfill a purchased license.  Once the software license has been
    deployed onto one machine: the software product's author,
    distributor and or software rights owner has fully satisfied
    any and all claim and or right pertaining to the purchase of
    said license.  We wish to provide continuing operation, since
    the primary objective of the software product is successful
    usage, yet any and all outworking of such desire shall be
    considered above and beyond any and all obligation.

o   Revocation.
    We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any or no
    reason.  We also reserve the right to revoke a license for any
    or no reason at all, simply by sending or publishing a notice of
    revocation whether or not we refund your license money.  In
    such case you agree you shall not pursue any claim against us for
    any reason whatsoever.  If this term is not acceptable to you then
    do not license this product.  In case of such revocation any
    and all further operation of said revoked license shall cease
    forthwith immediately, including but not limited to any and all
    distribution of shareware distribution packages bundled with
    other media that had been allowed under the studio license
    level before it was revoked.  There are special circumstances
    where we would feel the need to revoke without refund.  What
    qualifies as such circumstances we shall decide on a case by
    case basis.  It is obviously in our best interest to establish and
    maintain a good reputation; therefore we would have no desire
    to risk losing our public good will by revoking any license unless
    we deemed that the situation warranted such decicive action.

    You agree to consider the fact that the primary intended audience
    for HGO is Bible believing worshipers.  Therefore you agree that
    using this product to expose them to profane, blasphemous or
    anti-Christian content would be a hate-crime that targets a
    religious minority for abuse.

    If you find out about any profane, blasphemous, hate-crime or
    or other mal-usage of HGO please notify us so that we can
    evaluate the alleged offenses with respect to revoking their
    license.  This is not in a mean spirited way, but as an attempt
    to keep something good from being misused to make the world
    a horrible place for my own family.

    If someone merely posts a downloadable package that works
    with HGO, I have already given permission to do so without
    needing a studio license.  If their usage is of a questionable
    nature, in such case please understand that the message of the
    demo song of HGO will reach down into the abyss of their
    despair with a message of God's love for them.

    But if they circumvent the demo song or cross the line into
    something really horrible we have already reserved the right
    to deal with it, strictly at our own discretion.

o   No hacking.
    You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, hack or
    in any way violate the security or integrity of any portion or
    totality of the software product.  If the law requires any
    limitation to the scope or extent of this term then this term
    shall still stand and restrict your activities to the fullest
    extent allowed by law.  You agree not to hack, trick, crack,
    circumvent or otherwise compromise any intellectual property
    protection measures comprised by the software product.  If
    you share any products of such forbidden activities you may
    be subject to civil and criminal penalties that may include
    federal (and or international) charges of cyber terrorism and
    civil punitive damages.

    You furthermore agree not to hack, pervert or otherwise alter
    the demo materials herein, and you agree not to use this
    software product for anything satanic, cruel, illegal, hateful,
    immoral or otherwise anti-Christian.  If you are caught using this
    software product in any of these forbidden ways you agree
    to whatever punitive damages the courts may choose to allow,
    as well as any possible criminal prosecution for hate-crimes.

    You agree that by creating materials compatible with InspiredCode
    Home Group Overhead, you are invoking the public name, good
    will and reputation of InspiredCode, and anything you publish for
    use with HGO represents an impingement upon the trademark of
    InspiredCode, the maker of Home Group Overhead.

    You agree that you will not allow any HGO compatible content
    to be distributed that is against these guidelines.  If InspiredCode
    warns you to remove any materials from public accessibility and
    you refuse to do so, you agree hereby that you are subject to
    punitive damages for defamation of character, trademark abuse
    and other crimes.

    You agree to hold us blameless regarding any electronic means
    whereby we could prevent HGO from accessing materials that
    we find highly objectionable.  Any attempt to circumvent such
    means shall be considered as malicious hacking and or cyber-

    These are the terms to which have herein agreed as of the first
    usage of HGO, even if you thereafter might create compatible
    materials through other means.  If you enable other(s) to create
    HGO compatible materials then you agree to be held responsible
    for their materials.  You agree to allow and or provide access to
    any and all records (digital and otherwise) necessary to prove any
    connection between you and any work you may have enabled.

o   Protected.
    This software product is protected by local and international
    intellectual property laws that may include copyright, patent
    and or trademark, as well as other.  You will not share any
    portion, material(s) or portion(s) of material(s) comprised by
    or pertaining to this software product except as specifically
    allowed herein.

    Materials included within this "software product" shall be
    known herein as "included materials".  Such may include media
    and or files of any type.  All included materials may be used
    (only in unaltered state) with this program.  In the user manual
    of this program you will find a listing of included media files,
    with attribution (provenance) thereof.  Materials identified
    as Public Domain may be used solely at your own risk, and you
    assume all blame and or liability for your use of them.  Other
    than such marked as public domain, you are prohibited from
    using any included materials except by means of this software

    If you find any copyrighted works identified as public domain
    within the included materials you agree to immediately notify
    the software owner of the situation and you agree to cause no
    blame, charges or liability therefrom to be made or held against
    the software owner.

o   Licensed Not Sold.
    This software product is licensed, not sold.  This EULA lists
    some duties and responsibilities pertaining to licenses you
    could obtain for this software product. Even without the
    purchase of any license you are still bound by the terms of
    this EULA.  The software product both in part and in its
    entirety still belongs to the software rights owner (above).

o   Termination of usage and or termination of right to use.
    If you violate any terms of this agreement then your right to
    use the software product shall immediately cease, and all
    licenses obtained by you or on your behalf pertaining to such
    software product shall be considered revoked without refund.
    Your obligations under this agreement shall continue after

o   Termination of License.   
    You have already been exposed to our intellectual property,
    and cannot be "unexposed" to it.  You agree that any and all
    obligations and requirements accepted by you under this
    agreement will survive (apply) even after termination of this
    agreement.  If the jurisdiction trying any matter pertaining to
    this agreement disallows the continuation (survivorship) of
    any term of this agreement after termination of this agreement
    then all other terms shall remain in effect in such way as to
    preserve software owner's rights to the fullest extent possible.

    When you purchase a license our obligation is to do our part
    in allowing you to deploy one copy of said license onto one
    machine.  After that, we HOPE you get better use than that
    if you so desire, according to the limits for your type of
    license.  "But what if I want to transfer my license to
    another?", you may ask.  It is possible to transfer your
    license to another, but in so doing you would have to quit
    from using the license altogether, and you would have to
    remove that license from any and all of your machines.  You
    would then have to relinquish control of your license as
    pertaining to any account or recognition on our end regarding
    your license, and you would have to explain to the entity
    who receives your license that our obligation is already
    over, and that they may or may not be successful in gaining
    working operation based of such license.  Our obligation
    toward a purchased license dies as of the first deployment
    thereof.  But our concern may last until the Lord comes.
    While not promising anything, we do hope to acquire a good
    reputation.  Therefore upon transfer of license you must
    explain to the receiver of such license how to go about
    seeking a successful deployment of such license.

    If you transfer your license to some other party then you are
    still responsible for anything done under such license unless
    said other party takes full legal responsibility in writing and
    remains subject to (and reachable by) California law, with
    respect to this agreement.  If you make your StudioID or
    checksum thereof available to any other party, it is your own
    responsibility to secure an agreement with said other party
    that protects your interests, because you are still responsible
    for anything done under your own StudioID.

    You cannot transfer a StudioID to some other party, except
    by complete transfer comprising a StudioID agreement fully
    executed (in writing) by said other party and InspiredCode.   

    Without said complete transfer you are still totally responsible
    for anything done under your own StudioID.  If a hate-crime
    has been committed against you or in your name by fraudulently
    utilizing your own StudioID then it is your responsibility to
    convince any plaintiff party or government agency of the fact
    that you had nothing to do with it.

o   Additional terms.
    You agree to be bound by such terms as are required in or by
    any and all mechanisms of access to any portions or totality
    of the software product. Your acceptance of any terms in order
    to gain access to any portion of software product shall be
    permanent.  Such additional terms might be "late-bound"
    inclusions discovered as necessary for materials important
    and or supplemental to the most basic program configuration,
    and or may be aspects of respect for intellectual property
    rights of others who may contribute toward the collection of
    materials available as pertaining to the software product.

    If you don't want to enter into any additional terms then
    don't open packages whose access is bound by such terms.
    If you gain access to materials bound by terms and then
    violate said terms then you will have violated this EULA.

    You agree than no term of any other contract with any other
    entity can mitigate our rights or your obligations under this
    agreement, neither can such obligate us in any way.

o   Application Specific Terms.
    "License" means a license obtained for this software product.
    Running or using a license means running or using the software
    product upon a machine that has had license installed on it.

o   License Levels and License (User) Types.
    When one obtains a license to this software product, such
    license may be one of several license levels available.
    Each license level has distinct technical capabilities.
    In addition to the license levels, there are also license
    types that pertain to certain user types.

o   License Levels.
    Registering a license does not grant any rights or privileges,
    but often may technically provide access to certain features.
    Here is a listing of the different license levels, along with
    an indication of various differences in intent.  For (only)
    the license levels below, the paragraph header specifies the
    license level being discussed.  Depending on what is going on,
    this program may or may not at times allow or provide access
    to features less than or beyond those mentioned within the
    descriptions below.  No assurance is given regarding any
    features, functionality or fitness of software.  These
    descriptions are given for information purposes only, strictly
    for the sake of helping to clarify a distinction between the
    terms "license levels" and "license types".

o   HGO Classic:
    This is essentially the old black and white HGO.  No pictures,
    no movies, less menu options and no studio features.

o   HGO Picture:
    This is the same as HGO Classic, but it provides for having
    beautiful pictures showing behind the words being displayed.

o   HGO Movie:
    This is the same as HGO Picture, but it provides for having
    movie loops showing behind the words being displayed.

o   HGO Pro:
    This is the same as HGO Movie, but it also but it provides for
    using powerpoint (and html) slides.  It also has more menu
    options.  This license level is intended to fit the needs of
    churches and other similar organizations.

o   HGO Studio:
    This is the same as HGO Pro, but it also provides features
    designed to facilitate the making of packages for use with HGO.

o   HGO StudioID:
    The StudioID is not a license level in the the same way that all
    the license levels above are.  In actuality, the StudioID represents
    a unique relationship, a special agreement held between certain
    Studio License Level users and InspiredCode.

    InspiredCode does not guarantee the wholesomeness of any HGO
    based media materials, but we DO have our own desires and our
    own expectations about the wholesomeness of any HGO based
    package that my own family might view.  Any chance of our
    realizing those expectations requires that we reserve the right to
    refuse service to anyone, for any or no reason at all.  Therefore,
    the StudioID is by invitation only.   Each time you activate a
    Studio Level license to the HGO program, you may be given a
    link to a form you can fill in to request an invitation.  You agree
    that such form does not promise an invitation, but merely lets us
    know that you have an interest in being invited, just in case we
    might choose to do so.  An invitation does not guarantee that you
    would receive a StudioID.  It is merely an opportunity for you to
    allow us to consider your information and desire to participate.

    For informational purposes only, you might be pleased to know
    that our desire is for many, many, many StudioIDs to be assigned.
    If you think we really wanted to invite you but somehow forgot,
    please remind us, so that we might do so (at our sole discretion).

    The prohibition against packaging HGO with any other package
    may be mitigated by a signed StudioID agreement made between
    the StudioID holder and InspiredCode.  In such case the StudioID
    holder may be allowed to include a "shareware distribution" of
    HGO on a physical disc along with Audio and or media package.
    In such case said disc could be distributed, but the copyright
    notices provided therewith would have to keep from misleading
    customers into thinking that said entity owned the software
    product.  In such case the copyright notice should say that the
    software product is licensed to said entity and is used by
    permission, all rights reserved.  If any violation of intellectual
    property rights is performed, caused and or embodied by said disc
    and or media package then said studio license may be revoked
    without refund.  Revoking any Studio License also revokes any
    StudioID based upon such Studio License.

o   User Types/License Types.
    There are three user types for Home Group Overhead.  When a
    license is obtained, the registration process includes the
    selection of which license type/user type.  This is more than
    just a registration data detail.  It will determine the kind
    of license plan in effect. Here is a list of those three types,
    along with specific allowable usage details under each type.
    For the license types below, the paragraph header specifies the
    license type being discussed.
    Only one license plan can be in effect for any license purchase.
    Once a particular purchased license has been issued under a
    certain plan (user type), that license should be considered
    locked in for the life of that purchased license (even if it
    has been transfered).  Except for the fact that an upgrade
    purchase retains the same User-Type as a prerequisite license
    purchase upon which said upgrade purchase is based, there is
    no requirement for any new license purchase to be of the same
    User-Type as any old license purchase.

    At our sole discretion we may choose to allow you to change the
    type of license plan (User-Type) in effect for your license
    purchase.  If our on-line form and corresponding web scripts
    allow you to be successful in changing the User-Type (as
    indicated by provision of new license code thereby) then you
    may consider such as permission to do so according to our sole
    discretion.  In such case you must notify all who would use
    said license on your behalf of such change, and you must
    immediately destroy any and all copies or instances of said
    license purchase that are not in compliance with the terms
    specified below for the new license plan (User-Type) of your
    license purchase.

o   Person.
    Under the "Person" user-type license:
    License cannot be installed onto more than 3 machines at once.
    License cannot be run on more than one machine at once.  Each
    machine must belong to you or be permanently assigned to you.
    You must be present most (over 80%) of the time such machine
    is run.  All other aspects of software product EULA are still
    in effect.  If a machine will no longer be yours then you must
    remove license from it before you relinquish control of such

o   Home Group.
    Under the "Home Group" user-type license:
    License cannot be installed onto more than 3 machines at once.
    License cannot be run on more than one machine at once.  A
    member of the home group (on behalf of whom it is licensed)
    must be present when license is run.  All other aspects of
    EULA are still in effect.  Before getting rid of such machine
    the license must be removed from it.  The licensee is responsible
    for usage, even by their own trusted home group member.

o   Organization.
    Under the "Organization" user-type license:
    License cannot be installed onto more than 3 machines at once.
    License cannot be run on more than 3 machines at once.  The
    license must be run at the registered address of the
    organization (on behalf of whom it is licensed).  All other
    aspects of EULA are still in effect.  The licensee is responsible
    for usage, even by their own trusted organization member.
    Before getting rid of such machine the license must be removed
    from it.

    If you need wider terms than these three plans allow then your
    needs may be best served by obtaining more than one license.

o   This concludes this End User License Agreement.