Members of the Press:

      People should never underestimate the power of internet newsletters.
If you are an E-Zine author or publisher I am eager to get a full featured
version of ChurchBells into your hands.

        Please forward to me an internet newsletter containing an article you
have written under the same name as your email address, or else show in
some other fashion that you are an E-Zine author and/or publisher.  Be sure
to include the demo code generated on your machine by the ChurchBells
program so that I can send you a complimentary license.

Thank you.

Please NOTE: Your email to me is super important.
I'm tired of trying to find it under a ton of spam.
So if you write to me, please put my first name in the letter
or else your email will not be delivered to me!

Thank you,
Robison Bryan