Holiday and Karaoke 
Licensing for ChurchBells

Before going any further, if you want to sing along with Christmas Carols on bells,
please see this exciting new program(It uses derivative works I made of the bell recordings).

When I put together the licensing for ChurchBells I had to keep from setting any
precedent that would allow some trickly lawyer to pick at and unravel my rights
like a sweater.  Now I've had time to reflect upon what helps and what doesn't,
I can be more specific about a few things.

It is now possible to have groups sing along with the CDs.
It is now possible to play the music outside during December.
Streaming Internet Radio may be considered to be Radio Airplay.

Please see below for the details.

The license agreement associated with the ChurchBells Music is explicit about what is
allowed and what is not allowed.  I am hereby granting additional, specific permissions.
For this document, the term "The Music" applies to the Harmonious Bells CD and
to the Harmonious Bells wave files packaged by InspiredCode with ChurchBells.
These are the only exceptions to the ChurchBells Licensing agreement:

1)  I grant permission for a group to sing along with the Harmonious Bells CD, in a
     manually operated Karaoke session.  It is still not allowed for there to be any
     automated performance except as already specifically allowed by the ChurchBells
     license agreement.  Those who are present must be told where to get the music.
     It will suffice to mention: "The Harmonious Bells music from",
     or else  this poster can be mounted within plain sight of all attending.

2)  I grant permission for an outdoor speaker to play the music during the month of
     December.  Such playing must either be manually operated or under control of the
     InspiredCode ChurchBells program.  It is not allowable for any automatic playing
     other than by the InspiredCode ChurchBells program.  There should be a mention
     of that is visible to all who attend.  It can be decoratively rendered,
     but should be clearly legible.  The poster mentioned above would suffice.

3)  It is allowable for outdoor speakers to play music that is accessed through a public
     radio station broadcast, where all other terms of the ChurchBells license pertaining
     to such are still in effect.  The public radio station must mention
     within the time specified in the agreement.  The station must also feature a majority
     of non bells music.  Although one would think this to be common sense for public
     radio broadcasts, it is being spelled out here clearly.

4)  For the purpose of this ammendment, Public Internet Radio Stations are considered
     to be an example of Public Radio Stations, provided that they are streaming and
     excercise due dilligence to prevent any receiver from capturing and preserving any
     record of the broadcast.  I am NOT granting any permission for anyone receiving this
     music via any kind of radio broadcast to record such.

Please email me regarding any concerns you may have.
You can find my email web form on the main web page.