Sneak Preview of Bell Sounds 

     The Bell Music in the ChurchBells package
 was developed by Robison Bryan and copyrighted in 1997 as the work entitled: "Hymns and Carols on Harmonious Bells".  It has a unique method of arrangement that provides non-discordant full four part harmony.  I have taken a few of the sounds and woven them into a mixed bell sound medley.   I am posting it here so that you can play it from here and get a good idea of what the ChurchBells Bell Music sounds like. Although in this mix the sounds are cross-faded and run together, in the ChurchBells package they are, of course, clear and distinct. 
Please click here to hear the MixMedley
(5 minute load at 56k, at full sound quality) .
Please click here to hear the MixMudley
(1 minute load at 56k, very bad sound quality) .
(As usual, all rights are reserved and all usage other than my stated purpose is forbidden.)

NOTE:  If the sample sounds distorted or does not seem to play right, then please
              rightclick to save the file, then use a different player. Certain players do not
              correctly handle this sample rate.