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Here is a tiny sampling of the wonderful letters I have received
from so many precious people who have taken the time to write:


Dear Mr. Bryan,

Below is an Article from the local News Paper at Fort Smith, Ar.72901.
The Times Record (formerly, The South West Times Record)   Friday August, 11, 2006.   Page 7A         
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We at, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church (LCMS),
 (2100 Cavanaugh Rd,  Fort Smith, AR. 72908)

would like to “Thank You” very much for the many hours of work you have put in on developing the Church Bells Software to make this possible.

Our Original Carillon a, I.T. Virden / Paramount Carillon, that used the Fidela Pac, 4-Track Tape Cartridge Player System, was installed in 1964 and served many years, until it was just not feasible to repair anymore and set idle for over 4 years. Utilizing the existing equipment cabinet and tower speakers. A computer, a new pre-amp and a new power amp were installed in the existing cabinet. And of course the Church Bells Software and General Hymns Collection’s that you developed. The Harmonious Bell’s sound so much Better than the original tapes. I still plan in the future to take some pictures of our Church and Tower and send to you as I have said in earlier correspondence.

At the present we are in the high temperature’s area that much of the states are experiencing this summer, It was 107 deg. F at Fort Smith Yesterday, our humidity is so high most of the time and it is starting to take a toll on the area. Again “Thank You” and may God Continue to Bless Your Work.  Regards.

H Ross Holland,  
a proud member of
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church.

Hi Robison -

Our church members are SO incredibly pleased with the ChurchBells
software!  We thought we were going to have to buy a whole new
carillon, which we can't afford.  They have thanked me so many times,
and I want to pass that thanks along to you!

Bob Green
Smithville United Methodist Church
Dunkirk, MD


Dear Robison,

We have had the demo version installed here at my insurance office for several weeks playing with it and building our equipment for our tower. We told only a few people of our efforts and installed it last week on the media computer in the sound room at church and started the bells last Sunday AM.  The Church family was thrilled.  We have received three complaints to date; we turned them off for two days to complete the speaker placement in the bell tower and folks called to complain they could NOT hear the bells.

I never dreamed the church family would be so proud of this.  It has been a blessing for us all.  Thank you for your efforts.

Solo Deo Gloria,

Fain Bennett
Media Team
Calvary Baptist
Erwin, TN



We installed Church Bells using an old Pentium II computer, an old 700 watt amp and an indoor speaker mounted in the steeple, all just weeks before Christmas.  The response was outstanding and immediate.  The congregants ALL loved the music and thanked us.  Immediate neighbors didn't complain, they thanked us.  We even received letters from folks nearly a mile away that, on the right day when the wind blows right, hear the bells.

This was an inexpensive, quick, effective tool to let our presence be known in an are where we are a neighborhood church well off of the beaten path.  I have recommended you to all of my pastor friends and some have actually acquired Church Bells.  THANK YOU!


The Rev. Clinton Cottrell
Whitehall Presbyterian Church
Pittsburgh, PA


Hello Robison,

     We just enjoy the bells that I had given to the church for Christmas.    I have them deployed outside via horn speakers on the roof and inside our office via a set of regular computer speakers.  Our neighbors love them and I change the tunes once a month so they wont get tired of listening to the same tunes over and over again.  About two weeks ago our church office was flooded (in most places it was 6" deep) so you guessed it everything had to come out even the bells.  They were missed by us and our neighbor that lives behind the church he came by to find out why no bells we let him know they will be back soon  and he was happy to hear that.

     So they do touch people even if they do not come to our church!   When we were able to get back into the office  that was the first thing that went back in  the bells!   I can't wait for the next set of hymns.  By the way,  I have revised the "poster" that I am using at the church  I have attached a PDF of it

Jim Withem
Pastoral Assistant
Metropolitan Community Church of the Coachella Valley
(Palm Springs, CA)