This package was made when the 386 was a hot item
but I still find it useful, so with minor changes here it is...

"Biblerar", The Low-Tech 
Freeware Search Bible!

Search the scriptures...
Let your computer search the scriptures for you...

Search just the Tanach...
Search the Christian Old Testament AND New Testament...
(your choice.)

This is a "low-tech" search bible for everyone!
It can be shared (and smuggled) as a single 3.5" Floppy!
(You can also share it on 360k & 720k floppies for jurrassic computer users.) Biblerar.exe makes a 1.4M floppy which works with any version of DOS or Windows. (Please copy this floppy all you like!)

When you run the floppy, it creates C:\KJV and fills it with about 5 megabytes.
(Then if you've got room it uses another 5M for a superior context search capability.)
With your permission, it will then make it easy to find in DOS or Windows.

Please label a blank 3.5" floppy (as shown below):

THEN TYPE:____GO_______________
TO SHARE:__TYPE:_______________
VERIFY ON______________________
DISKCOPY A: A: _________________

Before you download, please write down (or print) these next few instructions (3 steps), cause this is what you'll need to do after you hang up.

1) As soon as you've downloaded Biblerar.exe to your hard drive, exit (and hang up) from the internet and go to DOS. (From Windows, click on DOS PROMPT.)

2) (You'll see: C:\Windows> ) You put in a blank, formatted floppy then type: A: (and hit enter).

(If your 1.44Meg floppy drive is drive B then type B: instead of A: ).

3) (You'll see: A:\> ) You type: C:\biblerar (and hit enter).

Seriously, you need to write down the instructions (3 steps) you just read. Then you can download and exit.

Now click here to download Biblerar.exe, and please save it as C:\Biblerar.exe

(that will save it as an EXE in the root of C:)

Then exit and follow the instructions (3 steps) you wrote down.


(If you just watched your web browser "self-extract" (expand) some files instead of SAVING them, then find them & copy them to A: drive.)

(The files that shall end up on the floppy are GO.BAT and Biblerar.exe.)


Please click here if you have any comments or suggestions.

This is FREEWARE. Please feel free to copy this page (Biblerar.htm) and the file Biblerar.exe and mount them on your own webpage!

If you are an apple user and adept at this sort of thing, please feel free to unzip the 66
text files on a PC (or PC emulator program) and "stuffit" them for an apple user disk.
Then, if you feel up to it, you could write a script to do what this does on the PC side.