This is the entire KJV Bible expressed
           as a separate html file for each & every
            chapter of the Bible. Every verse is a
                        target for links.

Read on (and click links) to see kjvhtml in use.

Hi Folks.

        This "about" page demonstrates the use of an html KJV Bible. It works when the kjv
chapter files are located on paid servers, but not on "Geo" type free webspace servers, because their banners interfere with the "#" placement that directs you to the exact verse requested within a chapter. So if you are running a page on one of those, then you'll need to locate your bible-link filled documents on a paid server and call to it.

Why King James? Because he won't wake up and demand royalties; the KJV is too old to copyright.

Why html? Because it is such stuff as web-pages are made of. The first browser was actually the chain refernce Bible. Someday I'd like to see the Thompson on the web in html.

Why Bother? Once we're a little less dazzled by the special effects on the net, we can ask ourselves "what is it good for?" For me the answer is that it makes plain text to be plainer than plain, because you get to call up exactly the text that you're ready for. There is no greater text than the Word of God. The more intimately our communications are knitted to scripture, the more in touch we are with our Lord, ourselves and each other. It's a wonderful thing when more and more things in life bring to recollection particular verses from the Bible.

How does it work? One should never be a slave to gadgets, but some gadgets can serve our Christian walk, (like the electric light for reading at night, for instance.) We write letters, sermons, papers to our friends in Christ and place them on our web pages. We prepare them by making links out of all of the scripture references. Links are just little gadgets on a page that take you from here to there. Well, these links take you into the Bible. I can think of no better place to be instantly transported to than the scriptures! The more stitches you use to knit your letter to the Word of God, the more interesting the page is to the eye for any visitor. Even the unsaved could be intellectually curious.
     It can become fun, like an Easter egg hunt, to click on the links, and to ponder in what way does the linked scripturerelate to the topic at hand. It's fun to find the Easter eggs, and it's fun to hide the Easter eggs. While I'm writing such things I like to keep another program open in the background that's ready to search the scriptures automatically for any word or phrase. If you'd like a (free) copy of it then click here. It'll run on anything from a 286 to a P3, with Dos6 up to Win98. It fits on one floppy and you can give copies away door to door; it's also KJV. One thing that's important for you to establish, however, in its usage: If you will be serving its files from anything other than an NT server, you will make all of your links to it in the upper case. Unix/Linux servers are case sensitive as I've become painfully aware.

So that's what all this stuff is.

Thanks for your interest.