The source to this Html Version of the KJV Bible
is available under the following terms:

Though you would deploy the html Bible for good, and not for bad, the Gospel does
have an enemy out there who looks for any loophole by which to corrupt and subvert.
Therefore, there is some legal here that (if you are a Christian) is not likely to limit
your own enjoyment of the html kjv bible, nor likely to limit the effectiveness of your
application that makes use of it.

0) Every copyrightable (and legally protectable) aspect and portion of the source file
    KJVHTML.*, as well as all such material contained (compressed) therein is the
    intellectual property of Robison Bryan. I am not seeking to make merchandise
    of the Bible, Salvation nor You. A lot of time went into the building of it, for the
    purpose of making the Bible more accessible, (not less). To protect us all from
    someone coming along and copyrighting it out from under us and requiring us to
    pay to use it, I am reserving the copyright for myself. In the Meta-Tags of each
    chapter are notices that the Scripture is by God, and other stuff by me, and that
    all rights are reserved and that it is used by permission. So then the next question
    is: Who has permission? Here goes:

1) I am hereby automatically extending revokable (by me), non-commercial,
    non-exclusive usage rights to whomever is in compliance with the following terms:

    a) The usage/application is not for profit. There are some "for-profit" applications
         that I would consider a good cause;
        so don't be afraid to contact me regarding a for-profit application.
        (I would make a decision about each on a case by case basis.)
    b) The usage is not obscene, hostile to God, malicious or in obviously bad taste.
    c) The usage does not harrass nor infringe on the rights of others.
    d) The usage is near (within the same galaxy as) sound Biblical orthodoxy.(For
        instance, a cult leader trying to get followers to sin by misusing this to
        lift passages out of context would be denied usage rights upon discovery.
        Just like the judge who said "I can't define pornography but I can recognize
        it when I see it", the same goes for real Wacko cult propaganda.)
    e) The reasons above for denying or revoking usage rights are examples; to protect
        against huge cults with big lawyers, I am reserving the right to refuse usage
        rights to anyone for any reason, even no reason at all. Acceptance of these
        rights is conditional to accepting these terms.  Deciding in a boarderline case
        would be up to me, or someone assigned by me to handle it. Uses that obviously
        violate the above terms are already automatically denied usagew rights. I hate
        to be such a baby about all this, but if I don't spell it all out the adversary
        will try to twist something good into something bad in no time flat.
    f) Anyone who gets or knows of a message from me for them to stop, must stop.
    g) Anyone who uses the package for free also provides a link to this terms page to
       enable their users to get the (entire) package for free (this page may be copied
       in its entirity and linked-to in order to satisfy this term.)
    h) The source is uncorrupted (unmodified). If you find a bug or some other problem,
       then please let me know so I can fix it. If that happens and I so fix my copy,
       then please remind me to send permission for you to use the corrected version.

Now hopefully I have protected all of our interests in the good that may come of this,
by placing some legal limitations on the misuse of this by those who are hostile to Christ.

Now here is kjvhtml. After you've downloaded it, decompress it in a subdirectory, C:\BIBLE for instance. Then make a desktop shortcut to your html authoring program (I personally like to use G32E304P.EXE, Netscape's 3.04Gold for Win95), and then rightclick that icon, select properties, and enter: C:\BIBLE as the starting directory.

And here are some of the uses I've thought of for kjvhtml:

1) (The original intent:) Christian Record Companies can have the artists they sign make
    a second session on their CDs; a hundred Meg of "liner notes" in html. In such a CD
    based web page would be all the lyrics, containing hotlinks right into the scriptures
    that pertain to the words of the lyrics.

2) Sermons, poems, etc... on a Church web page that are self bibliographing (literally).

3) Any lengthy theological thesis written with the intent of actually being read.