Troubleshooting Notes:

If you got this message:
"All music files must be present, and in original
condition, for program to run. Please reinstall."

If this is the case, please go into your ChurchBells
 directory and delete the file called Shave.wav.)

(Then, if you installed off of a CD, please insert that CD.)

After that, please run ChurchBells.  It will refresh the sound files.

If you get the message that:
The system file is not suitable for running
MS-DOS and Miscrosoft Windows applications
then please click here.

Install Problems:
Before we get to the most common cause of install problems, please do the
following, just to make sure that you don't end up "chasing ghosts":

1) If need be, use Badger to make sure you have a complete installation
    fileset.  (If you already have a complete set, you'll be able to use that.)

2) Using Ctrl Alt Del to view the "Close Program" window, highlight and
    then "End task" every running process except Explorer and Systray.

3) Make sure you have at least a hundred meg of room on your hard drive.
    (Meg, not gig, if you have even a tenth of a gig free, no problem.)

4) Use the Windows control Panel to uninstall ChurchBells.

5) Completely erase (delete) the C:\Program Files\ChurchBells directory.

6) Retry the install, using the MOUSE, not the command line!
     this time always choosing overwrite (not to "keep").

7) Please run ChurchBells from the start menu to complete the installation.
    It will unpack a bunch of wave files. Please wait for this process to finish
    before you do anything else in ChurchBells.

This will fix many problems without taking up a lot of time.

The most common source of install problems is mis-matched install filesets.
Every day, people gain more and more experience with InspiredCode's
ChurchBells.  We receive suggestions (and maybe even a bug report or two)
from customers, and immediately take them to heart. Therefore, there are
updates posted from time to time.  The more diligent we are in this regard,
however, the more likely it is that somebody will end up downloading files while
new ones are being posted.  When this happens, a mis-matched fileset can be
downloaded, which will not install right.  Fortunately, only a few of the files are
likely to change.  The solution to this problem is simple:
1) Delete Setup.exe and through
2) Run Badger again to fill in these missing files with the latest version.
3) Redo the procedure mentioned above at the top of this page.

If you are still experiencing problems,
please see my contact form on my main web page.