Update Your Copy of ChurchBells

Every day, people gain more and more experience with
InspiredCode's ChurchBells.  We receive suggestions
(and maybe even a bug report or two) from customers,
and immediately take them to heart. We care about our
customers, and seek to be responsive to their needs.
You will find here the latest version of the central
engine of ChurchBells, "ChurchBells.exe".
Please download it to a directory on your drive, and
save it. Once you've done so, please click on the 
"UpdateCB.exe" file that has just been saved.
Note: If you have not already installed ChurchBells it
will not work.
Also Please be aware that some changes involve more
than just changes to the main executable program, so
if ChurchBells doesn't work right after an update you
should save your schedule file and then reinstall the
program from a full download. 

Please click here to download the update.
Please save it as "C:\UpdateCB.exe"
Then please quit from your browser (and ChurchBells,
if it's still running).
Then click on MyComputer, C:, UpdateCB.exe