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The question of where can you find free sounds, pictures and even graphics for your games has been answered:

Title: All Free Things - Free Stuff Directory
Description: A searchable directory including games, screensavers,
Wav and MIDI files, graphics, webmaster resources, and more.

The question of what will you use to compress and install your games has been answered by someone else:

+ Freeware (not mine) File Compression Utility:
A great freeware compression program has been written by Ivan Zahariev
It is already so popular that it took me several hours to download it.
Therefore I've provided a mirror download on my server:
His WebSite is at:

Now onto my own news about the Engine:

+ Version:  Alpha
+  Status:   Coded, still barely tested at all

+  Latest Fix:    It is now able to go back and forth between running open (non encrypted) files and BetaTest lines.  That way you can create functions and run situations, then check how things are afterward (or preset some certain values), and then continue to run more of your own code.

Also, added:
The Int function that takes the non fractional portion of a number.
Equation: ^MyInteger = [Int](-5.37461)
(This returns the number -5)

The Abs function that always ends up with a positive number.
Equation: ^MyPositive = [Abs](-5.37461)
(This returns the number 5.37461)

Folks, please let me know any other such you wish.
Those things are easy to add.

And also I have started on the PreGame file that so far contains the
creation of the following user-editable functions:


I finished them at midnight the other night and have not even had a
chance to test them.  Perhaps you will beat me to it.

+  Biggest known bug:    ?? You tell me
+  Work Around:    -
+  Comment:

NOTICE:  Before you install this Engine, please first install SayPad
                 and also please install DirectX 8.0 or later.

+ Download Link:
Here is the Engine alpha download:

+ When was this download posted?
Please check the date on the Engine Download File:

+ Language File Link:
As always, you can find the latest release of the Language (syntax) file at:

+ Main Adventure site:

+ InspiredCode site:

+ AdventureBeta Yahoo group:

+ Engine Beta Details:

+ Known Bugs:
The PackLetterPower command is not hooked up yet.
The SetTimer and WaitForTimer commands are not hooked up yet.
The GameFile_Pregame.txt  file is written in the Engine's language, and provides several commands as functions,
so that they can be edited by the game author. That file is hardly at all written, therefore, few commands editable as
functions are yet available.

Here is some general information in a concise form:

+ Commands Editable As Functions:

+ Optional Functions (to be written by Game Author):
AnimateMonsterName  (the word Animate, followed by the monster name with no spaces)
ThisLocationName (you can write a function that has the same name as a location)

+ Built In Variables:

^ Momentum (either On or Off)
^RadarMidi (either On or Off)
^RadarSpeech (either On or Off)
^ThisMonsterName (used by the function portion of Route Legs)

The following variables are updated when you issue the ResearchRadar command
and then fetch a page of it by issuing the GetBlip command:

^ThisBlipIndex (This is a reminder of what blip page you are on).
^ThisBlipDistance (This is how far away the blip object is.)
^ThisBlipDistancePercentage (This is the distance divided by visibility.)
^ThisBlipCategory (This is the parent category of the blip object.)
^ThisBlipName (This is the actual name of the blip object.)
^ThisBlipIsRecognized (You are able to recognize this blip object.)
^ThisBlipHeading (This is the angle on a map of the object from you.)
^ThisBlipVertical (This is the vertical angle relative to the ground of the object to you.)
^ThisBlipTopGroup (This is the main category like person, location, thing or tool.)
^ThisBlipChasing (This is the extent to which the object is chasing you.)