Show Year

Here is your whole year's worth of season changes.

Help For "Show Year":

This is the first layer in on your way toward programming the ChurchBells scheduling. It shows you your year's schedule, in terms of seasons beginning and ending, and holidays. It differs from the ListSeasons screen in that it shows the SeasonBegin and SeasonEnd events (and Holidays) in their chronological (time) order throughout the year. You may have seasons overlap, and this shows their flow in order of time and date.

An example would be one season called "NormalSeason", and another season called "ChristmasSeason". In this screen, the first thing you would see is the start of NormalSeason on January first. Next, you could see the start of ChristmasSeason on December first. (Note that NormalSeason never really ended; it's just sleeping in the background until ChristmasSeason ends.)

Next you could see the end of ChristmasSeason on December 26th, and then the end of NormalSeason at 11:59 PM on December 30th, followed by a special Holiday called NewYearsEve on December 31st. In this screen you will see these season starts, ends and holidays in this order; that is, the order in which these season changes occur.

When you are scheduling the seasons, if one season is already scheduled to end during the span of the new season you are trying to schedule, you'll be asked which season you want to give way to the other. The old season will have to end to make way for your new season, or else your new season will have to wait for the end of the old season before it can begin. If you ever need to make this choice you'll be prompted at that time.

If your new season fully surrounds your old season, or if your old season fully surrounds your new season, then you won't have to make the choice, since the surrounding season can simply sleep in the background while the enclosed season runs.

Since it can get a little confusing doing this, you have two views of your year's schedule. This screen is like a bird's eye view of your year, taking each season change as it comes along, in their proper order.

Note that you're able to program the time a season begins or ends, as well as the date. This screen  allows you to see the coordination of date and time between the end of one season and the beginning of the next. This is very handy when you have seasons beginning at sunset, or some other time of day other than midnight.

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