Hi Folks!

If you follow the simple instructions
on this page you will have the
MS SAPI TTS (Text To Speech Engine)
on your computer in no time!

MS lets us use SAPI for free
as long as it is part of a program,
and not just not by itself.

Once SAPI is on your computer
it can be used by any program.

Just by trying out my program,
you'll have SAPI on your system.

My program is called 4BlindMice.
I hope you find it interesting.

When you remove it, please do
not remove the SAPI part.  (grin).

Please follow the simple instructions
and you'll have SAPI TTS ready to
serve whatever program wants to talk.

 WinXP Installation:  Please click here to install 4 Blind Mice onto WinXP!

 Win95 Installation:  Please click here to install 4 Blind Mice onto Win95!

 Win98/Me/2000 Installation:  Please click here to install 4 Blind Mice onto 98/Me/2k!

Important Notice:
  If this and other software interfere with each other in any way,

please let me know right away so I can work on it!  Despite all disclaimers,
it is my desire that it be of significant benefit to you and serve you well.
I have not been able to test it with all other software on the market,
so your input will help tremendously in its maturing process.

Please NOTE: Your email to me is super important.
I'm tired of trying to find it under a ton of spam.
So if you write to me, please put my first name in the letter
or else your email will not be delivered to me!

Thank you,
Robison Bryan


Another Important Notice: The software on this page uses your soundcard
to talk and sing.  If you have other programs that talk and play MIDI
notes, you'll want to make sure you have a "Multi-Channel"
soundcard such as the SoundBlaster Live.  You can get
one for about 30 dollars at places like acnt.com.
(Otherwise the speech would "take turns")

If for any reason SayPad refuses to install the SAPI5 on your system,
and if you want to be daring, you can try installing your SAPI5
from another site. You can click here for that.
 (I am not affiliated with them in any way).


Have you ever wished you could write a Fantasy Text Adventure Game?


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