Html Bible for Web Uses:         This is the entire KJV Bible expressed
                                       as a separate html file for each & every
                                       chapter of the Bible. Every verse is a
                                       target for links. (See it in use.)
                                                           (Certain terms apply)

Freeware Search Bible Program:  A free Utility that lets you search
                                       the Bible for any word or phrase; in
                                       Tanach (OT) or whole Bible.
                                       It contains the entire KJV, and you can
                                       give away (or smuggle) a copy on just
                                       one floppy disk.

Note:  Some of this stuff dates back almost to the dawn of civilization.

           Then again, some computers do too.  I still find the real early
           stuff useful, so I've performed minimal mainatinance and posted
           it here in case you also find it useful.