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For anyone who needs a lift through the day: ChurchBells is a carillon software package that turns your computer into a Church Carillon Bell Tower Chime System, playing Hymns and Carols on Harmonious Bells. You can enjoy it on your home computer or through outdoor speakers in your church steeple , bank or town hall. Click here for ChurchBells. (shareware)

For the Visually Impaired: 4BlindMice is a mouse driven real time screen reader designed to add true Graphic User Interface to your existing screen reader. Drive your mouse full speed across the screen, knowing in real time where you are and what you're flying over! Click here for 4 Blind Mice.(shareware)

SayPad, the freeware talking text editor can read you a good book or help you write one, using SAPI 5.1 Text To Speech (included). It can convert Text to WAV for a whole book in one run, splitting off chapters into well named WAV files. Click here for SayPad.(freeware). 

NOTE: If you have an MP3 player you can use a program called CDEX to convert from WAV to MP3.  It will take a lot of room to make your wave files.  Sorry.  SayPad is freeware and I cannot afford to get sued by the MP3 storm troopers.  The only other alternative is to completely remove SayPad, which I do not want to do.  Enough of that, moving right along...  once you have converted them you can delete the wave files, leaving just the smaller MP3 (or ogg) files. 

Metris is a Musical Tetris game. It does not interfere with or depend upon any particular speech engines. It just assumes a screen reader is present. Beating this game leaves you better off, intuitively able to quickly recognize scales, modes and chords. No jargon, just music. Anyone can do it... but how well? Do you have what it takes to become a Metris Master? Click here for Metris.(shareware)

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