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Here is a ministry any church can afford.
A church bell tower is a wonderful outreach that
calls to the community to "Think on these things"  PHP4:8

( Tested on 95, 98, 2k, Me, Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10) ChurchBells is Windows 10 compatible

"ChurchBells" is a carillon software package that turns your computer into a Church Carillon Bell Tower Chime System, playing Hymns and Carols on Harmonious Bells.  Our bell software includes the most beautiful bell music anywhere. Download it and listen. You will agree.

You can enjoy our church bells software on your home computer or through outdoor speakers in your church steeple, bank or town hall.

If lightning kills your belltower, deploy another inexpensive computer the next day, and your belltower has virtually no down-time. 

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ChurchBells is downloadable as GrinchWare. You get to use it for 30 days for free,
and throughout December, it comes alive
(for free) to enhance your celebration,
so you may want to keep the install files with the Christmas lights and tinsel.

Home user licenses are $35. Institution licenses are $140.
(There are minor differences between the two.)
(Licenses are not annual; they are for the life of the machine.)

Overall, it's a nice way of being reminded throughout the day by well loved Hymns
and Carols
, played in four-part on bells with an astonishing lack of discord.

Not only is this music sweetly harmonious and wonderfully soothing,
but there is also an extensive library of available tunes.

InspiredCode has orchestrated
over three thousand hymns for Harmonious Bells

Click Here for a listing of Hymns in Original Download
Click Here for a listing of other music (just) for InspiredCode ChurchBells

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Holiday and Karaoke Licensing!

Email: InspiredCode.

ChurchBells can Now Remote Control an Audio Power Amplifier via the LPT Port (not on laptops).
But you probably don't need it unless the amplifier is a tube amp. Modern solid state amps
typically use less juice than a bug lght when idle (not pouring sound out the speaker).

Patent Notice: You can use MP3 files with ChurchBells, but only if you have installed
an MP3 player into Windows, such as WinAmp. ChurchBells merely calls out to
ask windows to play sound files like calling out for pizza. ChurchBells does
not comprise any MP3 patented methods, and neither does its installation.

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